Undergraduate Seminar

Physics Undergraduate Seminar and Journal Club

Initiated by Babak Seradjeh in 2012, the Department of Physics and the Physics Club started a new seminar series for undergraduate students. All students are encouraged to participate.

Preparing and giving a good talk is a very important skill that will serve you, undergraduate students, well in your future career. But it's not usually something you get a lot of practice with in your regular course work. This seminar series is an opportunity for you to gain experience by presenting a topic your are interested in to an audience of your peers and some faculty. Even if you are not presenting, this is a great opportunity to learn about a new topic and get to know what your peers are interested in.

The talks may be short or long, may use slides or blackboard, and can be as formal or casual as you'd like them to be. But they need to convey a good story with an introduction and some identifiable conclusions. The topics could be based on your past or current research experience, such as REUs, honors thesis, work, etc., or something you might be interested in learning more about, or even a problem or subtopic from a course, say Quantum Mechanics, that you have recently encountered and is interesting. If needed, we shall try to secure faculty support and advising for specialized areas.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to give a talk, have a suggestion, or if you have any questions.

Resources for giving a good presentation

A good presentation must tell a good story: engaging, to the point, conveying a coherent message, and fun (if at all possible!).

There are many guides and resources out there on how to give an effective presentation. Here, I've collected a few that you might find useful. You can also come and talk to me. If you are giving a talk in this seminar series, I will look at your slides, notes, etc. and give you feedback. If you are considering giving a talk, I will help you out with choosing a good topic and preparing the presentation.