Topological Phases

Topological insulators and superconductors; Realization and detection of fractional particles; Topological invariants and indices.

Driven Quantum Systems

Floquet topological phases; Floquet engineering; Dynamical probes; Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Many-Body Quantum Systems.

Correlated Electrons

Novel phases of matter; Critical phenomena; Exciton Condensation; Superconductivity.

Quantum Field Theory

QFT in condensed matter systems; Topological QFT in low dimensions.

The research in the Seradjeh group is focused on the theoretical study and understanding of quantum many-body phases that are realized in and out of equilibrium, say when electrons are subjected to external periodic forces such as strong lasers. This is a bit like playing ping pong with electrons to form novel electronic arrangements. We are also interested in the realization and novel uses of such phases, both in materials and synthetic systems, that could lead to breakthrough technologies.


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