Graduate Student Research

Graduate students are a vital part of our research. In the Seradjeh group we recognize that, while we come together with different experiences and at different points along our career, everyone's contribution is valuable and unique. Fresh ideas could crack an old problem; new ways of looking can merge with mature experience to create deeper perspectives; bouncing ideas can shape into a new key insight. As physcists exploring many-body systems, we recognize that our group's achievement is made mostly out of the interactions among its members.

We aim to create a welcoming, inclusive, and creative envrionment, where all members of all backgrounds can learn, grow, push the boundaries of knowledge, and be their best. All members of the group work to solve challening, fun problems not as trainee and trainer, but as collaborators and colleagues.

Graduate students in the group receive mentorship and technical and personal support for a succesful career. We maintain a regular group meeting as well as indivdual meetings and co-working sessions. Learn more about the group's current graduate students and alumni and their publications.

If you are considering our graduate program or are new to IU, check out the stories and resources offered by the University Graduate School as well as the Department of Physics resources on graduate life and fellowships+awards.

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